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Getting On The Same Page As Food Suppliers

When I started ordering the supplies for my parent's restaurant, I realized that it was a lot harder than I had initially anticipated. The work was long, tiresome, and incredibly challenging. I also didn't know how to properly project how much food we would burn through, which made it difficult to order. However, as I continued ordering, I learned the tricks of the trade, as well as how to get on the same page with food suppliers. Check out these posts to find out how you can streamline your restaurant ordering, save money, and alleviate order-related problems with great ease.

An Economical And Healthy Alternative To Fresh Juice Products

A juice concentrate product contains natural fruits or vegetables that have undergone a water extraction process. The caloric and sugar content of a concentrate is proportionate to a liquid juice beverage. Concentrated products are an economical and healthy alternative to fresh juice products. They can be used to create nutritious beverages and to flavor food.


Many juice products that are sold in retail grocery stores come from a concentrate. During production, fresh fruits and vegetables are washed, cut, and heated. A vacuum process is often used to compress the fruits and vegetables. A concentrate manufacturer/supplier may freeze products or use a spray-drying process that results in rapid evaporation.

Products that are shipped to a juice manufacturer or a grocery store will be in either a frozen or powder form. Due to the removal of the water content, concentrates are much lighter than liquid juice products. If a manufacturer of juice is going to make cartons and bottles of juice, they will add water to a frozen or powdered concentrate. A shipment of concentrates that are distributed directly to a grocery store are placed on shelves and marketed to the public. 


When choosing a juice concentrate, consider the health benefits of a product and the method in which a concentrate was manufactured. Obtain a listing of the concentrates that a supplier is selling. If you are going to be using your purchases to make healthy drinks and meals, look for products that contain all-natural ingredients.

A supplier may feature concentrates that do not contain any artificial sweeteners, dyes, or flavoring agents. A quality concentrate will be fortified. Fortified foods and beverages have nutrients added to them. Calcium is a dietary supplement that is commonly added to concentrates and fresh juice products.


Juice concentrates often have a long shelf life. Due to the portability of a product, you can use a concentrate at home or take one along with you on vacation or to your place of business. If you are going to make a beverage, add a frozen or powdered concentrate to a pitcher.

You will need to add several cups of water to the pitcher. The specific water amount will be listed on the label of the product that you have purchased. If you would like to enhance the flavor of a baked or fried dish, add a small amount of a concentrate to the other ingredients that you are cooking. Orange, apple, or another fruit or vegetable concentrate can be used to enhance the flavor and tenderness of your main course or a side dish.

Reach out to a juice concentrate supplier to learn more.