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Getting On The Same Page As Food Suppliers

When I started ordering the supplies for my parent's restaurant, I realized that it was a lot harder than I had initially anticipated. The work was long, tiresome, and incredibly challenging. I also didn't know how to properly project how much food we would burn through, which made it difficult to order. However, as I continued ordering, I learned the tricks of the trade, as well as how to get on the same page with food suppliers. Check out these posts to find out how you can streamline your restaurant ordering, save money, and alleviate order-related problems with great ease.

Coconut Patties: An Introduction For Coconut Lovers

If you have a fascination with anything coconut, there is one sweet treat you don't want to miss: coconut patties. These sweet treats are considered a candy by most retailers, but they are definitely more than just a candy bar. Offering fresh-tasting coconut and chocolate, coconut patties are quickly becoming a highly sought after dessert. These confections can be eaten as they are or included in an array of recipes. If you have never heard of coconut patties, it is definitely time for an introduction. Here are a few things you probably want to know.

Exactly what are coconut patties anyway?

Coconut patties contain a creamy and rich blend of confectioners sugars and other ingredients along with fresh shredded coconut. The patties are usually formed into a square or rounded patty shape and dipped in chocolate. While there are several versions available, most all coconut patties are coated with a satisfying dark chocolate, which is the ideal complement to the fresh coconut flavor. Coconut patties are sold as individually wrapped treats, often in a box containing several patties. 

Where can you buy coconut patties?

Coconut patties are readily available in many states in the US in regular grocery stores and whole foods stores. However, you will find these sweet treats more abundant in the southern part of the country. If you don't have access to coconut patties in store, you can also find them online through many different retailers. Candy shops, specialty food stores, and even shops that specialize in providing special ingredients for recipes often have coconut patties available for sale online. 

What kinds of recipes can coconut patties be used in?

Coconut patties are a divine treat all by themselves, but their fresh coconut flavor also makes them the ideal ingredient in a lot of other foods and desserts. The patties are often used as a staple or primary ingredient in cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats. However, the patties can just as easily be used in savory dishes that require a hint of sweetness by being melted down in a pan and used as a base for dishes like stir fried veggies. 

The bottom line is, if you are a big fan of coconut, there is no way you should miss out on coconut patties. Check with retailers near you or get online to find a distributor such as Sun Delights Inc if you would like to know more about these delightful treats.