Getting On The Same Page As Food SuppliersGetting On The Same Page As Food Suppliers

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Getting On The Same Page As Food Suppliers

When I started ordering the supplies for my parent's restaurant, I realized that it was a lot harder than I had initially anticipated. The work was long, tiresome, and incredibly challenging. I also didn't know how to properly project how much food we would burn through, which made it difficult to order. However, as I continued ordering, I learned the tricks of the trade, as well as how to get on the same page with food suppliers. Check out these posts to find out how you can streamline your restaurant ordering, save money, and alleviate order-related problems with great ease.

Tips For Storing Your Water In An Emergency Situation

Many people don't store emergency water in their homes, meaning that, should a dire situation arise, they'd find themselves scrambling to have access to fresh water. When you're storing water, you need to make sure that you have enough to drink, be able to clean yourself and, when possible, having water for cooking will also be important. There are a variety of emergency water containers available on the market, ranging from large to small. Read More